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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Scapegoatin in the Bronx

Well the mediocrity coming out of the Bronx has finally reached the eyes and ears of Fat King George, and boy is he an unhappy camper. After watching the pitcher he ran out of town, Jose Contreras, out pitch his two hundred million dollar pitching rotation, this day represented by Shawn Chacon, the Boss blew his top putting the blame directly on Joe Torre.

Torre in his years with the Yanks has risen almost to the same level in prominence as George, and to see the Boss begin to take shots at him shows the level of panic in both Tampa and the Bronx.

Georgy's problem was with Torre allowing Alan Embree, who had just handled the white sox in the 8th to pitch to Paul Konerko in the 9th. Embree (as he had done with the sox all this season) allowed a solo shot which put the White Sox on top for good, and the Boss was steamed.

"I'm not pleased with the manager," Steinbrenner repeated. "I don't know why he left him in."

Could this be a sign that the muzzle if off the King? The Yankees had a quiet season with little to no feedback from the Boss, but now with the realization that the Yanks could very well miss the playoffs, even with their revamped lineup has changed the attitude of the team.

George's statement in my eyes is a clear threat to both Torre and Cashman. If the Yanks are watching TV this October from their overpriced homes either Torre, Cashman or both could be looking for new jobs.

Oh and the Red Sox are still in 1st.

- BL


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