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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Exit Stage Right

Did anyone think that Terrell Owens returning to Eagles Camp ensconsced in fatigues and attitude would end in happiness? The short Rosenhaus honeymoon ended today though,in true TO fashion.

It seems TO and Eagles Coach Andy Reid got into a verbal spat during a team meeting resulting in Owens being asked to leave camp. While the contents of the discussion are not known, even Jessica Simpson could guess that it had to do with the Eagles decision to not renegotiate TOs contract.

This creates a very interesting situation being that the Eagles have had a long history under Reid of not tolerating these kinds of off-field problems. Would the Eagles try to trade an unahppy TO to a team that would pay through the nose to give TO a 15 million dollar bonus. (This screams for Danny Snyder and the Redskins btw. Nothing The Danny likes more than to make a splash, and TO's showtime personality fits the Snyder mold. I bet the Skins send Santana Moss, a 1st rd pick, and all the latin Redskinettes for Owens.)

The real winner in all of this is the NFL. We are in the thick of the MLB season, the NHL is back from the dead, but the biggest story in all of sports is one wide reciever holding out of the pre-season. The beast that is the NFL is already at full throat, and we are still in august.

- BL


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