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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

R Kelly's Doo-Doo Butter

A while back I realized that I had lost track with R Kelly. After the 14 year old and "Piss On You" video, I really felt a void.

Then something happened. I turned on VH1 and caught "Trapped in the Closet," chapter 1 and suddenly everything made sense. Seconds became flashes, minutes became moments, and before I knew it, I had a new joy in my life. There is comedy, there is high comedy and then there is this. (click "check it out right here")

I actually find the words WAY more powerful than the images. R Kelly proves that not only is he a master at braids, but he is a champion with words. The cliffhanger at the end will, certainly, make M Knight Shyamalan blush.

In fact, my entire world has been altered by this. Even my vernacular has changed.

"Now I'm goin' to the bathroom (bathroom, bathroom, bathroom)!"

Stay tuned for chapters 6 through 10.



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