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Monday, July 11, 2005

HR Derby Chat

BLiebMail: Jon let's take a look at the list this year
BLiebMail: HOME RUN DERBY PARTICIPANT COUNTRY Bobby Abreu, PHI Venezuela Jason Bay, PIT Canada Hee-Seop Choi, LAD South Korea Andruw Jones, ATL Curacao Carlos Lee, MIL Panama David Ortiz, BOS Dominican Republic Ivan Rodriguez, DET Puerto Rico Mark Teixeira, TEX U.S.
Jondray 3000: let me put it like this
Jondray 3000: This is a HUGE year for Canada
BLiebMail: and Curacao
Jondray 3000: first Steve Nash
Jondray 3000: then the announcement of Real World Ottawa
BLiebMail: Huge
Jondray 3000: and then Jason Bay
Jondray 3000: The Canadian Bay Breeze is blowing out tonight
BLiebMail: Big Time pick jon
Jondray 3000: and the wind could get gusty
Jondray 3000: HOWEVER, I am not picking him to win it all
Jondray 3000: just yet
BLiebMail: I am going to have to disagree, Jon remember we are in Detroit tonight
Jondray 3000: So Ben, who will the hometown fans choose
BLiebMail: Well I have to thing that Hee-Sop Choi will bring them to their feet
BLiebMail: no seriously
BLiebMail: I was going to pick Big Papi
BLiebMail: but people who shall not be named called that move cliche
BLiebMail: Don't be surprised to see Bobby Abreu win it all tonight
BLiebMail: Shocked?
Jondray 3000: you know
Jondray 3000: not so much
Jondray 3000: Papi is probably the odds on favorite
Jondray 3000: except if you are a yanks fan, b/c you're probably rooting for a torn oblique
BLiebMail: Carlos Lee once again is non-existent in my mind
Jondray 3000: but i think Abreu is lurking close to Papi
Jondray 3000: Who?
Jondray 3000: I see some fireworks for TEx
BLiebMail: Ok so in sum, I like Abreu
Jondray 3000: and Pudge will definately hit the most triples
BLiebMail: OBVI
Jondray 3000: Druw Jones?
Jondray 3000: Druw Jones, you ask?
BLiebMail: I am just rooting for Mike Piazza as the color in the booth
Jondray 3000: well, he will have 3 of the sickest cathes in CFJ
Jondray 3000: and after he will claim that he wasn't aware of the rules and didnt know he couldn't rob others of HR
Jondray 3000: You know what will be great?
Jondray 3000: ARod in the booth for Papu
BLiebMail: Stu Scott interviewin Hee-Sop?
Jondray 3000: Papi
BLiebMail: I heard A-Rod's Therapist thought his playing in the Derby could set him back
Jondray 3000: It's true
Jondray 3000: apparently the stress of the "World" competition would be too much for him
Jondray 3000: I heard his doctor recommended blonde highlights for the occasion
BLiebMail: ah the Brett Boone look, and we all know how that story ends.
BLiebMail: Well good Breakdown, I feel satisfied
Jondray 3000: I hate to pull away from the derby talk and go into the all star game, but I fear Francona will over use Mariano
BLiebMail: I fear that as well
Jondray 3000: do you know what else i fear?
BLiebMail: I am more scared of Jeter running on the field and Nancy Kerriganin Tejada
Jondray 3000: Why?! Why?!
BLiebMail: Jeter is like the cool guy in the end of Encino Man who gets revealed as a complete jerk
Jondray 3000: Shoosh! - that guy?
BLiebMail: The One and Only
BLiebMail: Gosh you can crowbar Yankees into any discussion
Jondray 3000: I really thought Fraser's career would go in a different direction after that
BLiebMail: Well my Fraser jam is School Ties
Jondray 3000: did his nose get in the way?
BLiebMail: After all this you'll still be a dirty jew, yeah and you'll still be a prick
Jondray 3000: "I didn't lie to you! I lied to myself. I lied to my father!"
BLiebMail: The Agro French Teacher
BLiebMail: Memories
BLiebMail: Ok So to recap, its Bay and Abreu
BLiebMail: Mo shouldnt throw one pitch
Jondray 3000: I think Bay will impress
Jondray 3000: BUT
Jondray 3000: and there is a BUT
BLiebMail: and A-Rod is a baby
Jondray 3000: a very BIG ONE
Jondray 3000: Tex will be in the finals
BLiebMail: USA
Jondray 3000: after all
BLiebMail: Will he enter to Hulk Hogans Music?
Jondray 3000: Don't Mess with TEx
Jondray 3000: I am a real American
Jondray 3000: Fight For The Right of Every Man
Jondray 3000: Fight For the Right
BLiebMail: Gosh this is going to be great TV
BLiebMail: if only there was a slugger from Iran or North Korea
Jondray 3000: i will add one caveat to this whole night
BLiebMail: Please do
Jondray 3000: If this thing does indeed turn into a WWE moment
Jondray 3000: and Papi comes out with Miss Elizabeth and wearing an Andre The Giant, one shouldered, leotard
Jondray 3000: he WILL win
Jondray 3000: easily
BLiebMail: Papi is the only one who coulda tag teamed with Hogan at Summerslam
Jondray 3000: I heard The MIz and Giambi will be providing play by play with Mean Gene
Jondray 3000: so to recap
BLiebMail: Again
BLiebMail: I got Bobby A
Jondray 3000: impressive showings from Choi and Bay
Jondray 3000: Bobby A vs. TexJondray 3000: unless Papi is wearing tights
BLiebMail: Gosh i want Papi to point at Tex and shake his head side to side
BLiebMail: So Good Luck to the guys tonight and of course to anyone visitin Detroit
Jondray 3000: Tex would play the role of Hacksaw Jim
Jondray 3000: The D or what ESPN's Jason Whitlock calls the greatest sports city
BLiebMail: Pretty good chat for our first time
Jondray 3000: wasnt bad
BLiebMail: You give good chat Jon
Jondray 3000: you too ben

- JG & BL


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