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Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend Haze...

Now, as a Yankees fan, I completely understand that my complaints and concerns mean absolutely nothing to the common person. I know my whining about how bad things are sound similar to the spoiled kid down the block who has two Skeletor's Castles and bitches that one of the draw bridges doesn't work. So, yes, I understand that many of those readers out there may not care, but you know what? I do.

I was never a huge advocate of going after Beltran, not at the price he was asking, but after this weekend, after watching the shoddy (to put it nicely) play in the OF, why didn't anyone see this coming? At this point, if Bernie were playing second base, he wouldn't be able to throw anyone out at first.

Tony Womack bothers me for a thousand reasons, but here is #1 in my book. How can a baseball player not be able to play any position on the field? I play softball and I can play any spot on the field. These commentators talk about instinct and how Womack has a second baseman's instinct and that doesn't work in the out field. I say, bull shit! I say, the ball is hit, you read it and attack it. If you can't make the play, you can't make the play. But don't cop out saying how you can't adjust. If you're bad, you're bad and move on. Don't be a puss b/c you don't want to look bad!

Some other thoughts from the weekend:

-After reading that the young stud prospect shaved his head and became the butt of every joke in the clubhouse. And how EVERY teammate rallied behind him and teased him, I must say that it really made me envious of what a baseball team should be, FUN. But you know what sunk my battleship? That was the Mets clubhouse and Davey Boy Wright. You mean baseball teams have fun? Watching the Yanks, I had no idea baseball was fun.

-The only thing better than Bernie playing CF, is being in the Stadium when he decides to butcher his legacy.

-Unless he goes in the tank from here on out, ARod will only be talked about in a positive light. For serious, he's batting over .330. For the non-followers, .330 + 20 HR + 60-something RBI=riDONK!

-The end of Die Hard 2 bothered me some. Right after McClane blows up the plane with all the bad guys and right after he screams with a frozen jaw, sounding more mentally ill than Rocky, "Now, the planes can land!" The planes do land and everyone is happy. McClane screams, "Holly! Holly!" until he finds her. She runs to his arms, they kiss AND here is the moment in question. Half of McClane's face is covered in blood, absolutely soaked. He's not wearing a jacket in the sub-freezing/snowy weather and the poor bastard just got beaten to a pulp. Does she even recognize this? No. Not at all.

-Davey Wright and Broke Eye Danny from Real World, AWESOME, Texas might be the same person.

-Before the Giambi heroics of last evening, (I was waiting for Sam Ryan to ask "So Jason, is it true before you went to bat, Jose Canseco popped out of the club house and injected you in the ass?) a startling comparisons was brought to my attention. Giambi and Mark Bellhorn are just about the same player now. They will either walk or strike out, with the occasional long ball.

-Devstated about The Miz Departure!

-If the Mets had a bullpen, boy would this guy be sour today.

-The only thing better than the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle, is finishing the Sunday NY Times crossword puzzle.

-How scurry is Gary Sheffield? After being tossed from the game, you just know something was destroyed in the clubhouse.

-And finally, the Sox are in first. How super for them!



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