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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Kobe's Makeover

Don't look now, but Kobe Bryant is back in the pages of your favorite magazines. Some of us might have forgotten exactly what Kobe looks like in pictures. Since the start of his trial in Colorado Kobe's promotional presence has been zero, as companies like Nike and Sprite pretended not to know who Kobe was. Kobe had signed a lucrative contract with Nike before the shit had really hit the fan, and now with his aquittal and the memories of Bryant visiting the Eagle Court a fading memory, Nike has decided to try to get its moneys worth from Kobe.

Starting today the first major promotion featuring Bryant since the trial has begun to appear in various magazines. The ad campaign has Bryants face juxtaposed with his "apparent faults". These faults are shown with Kobe's offseason workout regiment. For instance the phrase Missed the Playoffs coincides with the amount of power lifts Kobe does.

Kobe as a marketable quantity couldnt go any lower right now. He is the most hated member of the team everyone loves to hate. He rode Shaq out of town, ran Phil away from Jennie Buss, and hates puppies. The man needs a makeover.

Good Luck to Kobe though because if the NBA has taught us anything its that people can fall in love with a felon.

- BL


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