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Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm Corbin Mother-F'N Bernsen!!!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow........

Are we a blog?

No blogs update regularly.

Are we a magazine?

No, but Celebs are just like us all.

Are we relevant?


Are we Dunzo?


And we return with Taylor Bunts news concerning our own Major League star Corbin Bernsen (the great Roger Dorn). If you don't know who Corbin is, let's just get a little perspective.

As one of the star of LA Law, Bernsen was one of the bigger TV Stars of the 80's along, but with his tragic hair line and scary tan, his rising star soon lost its luster. The past ten years Corbin inhabited the land of late night Cinemax while routinely beating women on Lifetime.

Well he has now gone full circle returning to General Hospital ,the show kicked off his career. How far has he fallen you say? Well when the movie Call Me: The Life and Fall of Heidi Fleiss is on your resume only Scat films are left, so we say Hu-Rah to our boy Corbin.

Tom Berenger is still a star for middle-aged women, Dennis Haysbert is the President and your Allstate broker, and Rene Russo showed here tatas often so good that the Velvet hand has thrown Corbin a bone.

Now when are those asian groundskeepers gonna get a break???

- BL