Forget the curve ball. Give 'em the heater!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Neuticles? More like Old-ticles, wait...

A while back a buddy of mine was debating getting a dog.

"Dude," he says. "I'm gettin' a girl dog. I don't want to stare at balls all day!"

And when I thought about that, it made perfect sense. It's either stare at balls all day or chop em off, and how could I look my dog in the eye if I did that?

But then came Gregg Miller and he brought his Neuticles and all of a sudden male dogs everywhere can smile, again.

Miller's genious in the creation of Neuticles just landed him a Nobel Prize. Congrats, congrats!

If only someone can invent a way to slow down TiVo's 3rd speed.



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