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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Sleepwalking Red Sox

Someone do me a favor and check the alarm clocks used by the Red Sox because they seemed to sleep through game 1 of their series against the White Sox.

Now I know that you would be pretty hard pressed to find a hotter pitcher in the last month than Jose Contreras, but the Sox have a long history of raking on Jose, a fact that led to the Yanks parting ways with him. Where was the discipline at the plate? I know the strike zone started at the Sox's shoelaces, but I still didn't see the urgency that needs to be shown come October.

Have the Red Sox just reached a critical mass where only an early bounce from the playoffs will remind these guys what they are playing for? The quality level of this team vs the 2004 Champs is scary. Kevin Millar has become a baseball anomaly; someone who can't play offense or defense. The Bullpen status makes me yearn for Ramiro Mendoza and his crap sinker. Matt Clement who I really like, seemed to be pitching BP when he could locate the strike zone.

Now this was easily the worst case scenario for Game 1 last night, but hey lets look on the bright side of life. We still got Papi, and the absurd shift they put on for him. The White Sox are still a team whose offense is hit or miss, and maybe last nights offensive show took all the gas out of their tank.

Lets hope so because if last night's drousy Sox team comes to play against a tough lefty (if you are new to this game leftys kill the Sox) in Mark Buehrle, than we once again will be facing a tough road past elimination. What keeps me up at night is that this team isn't the one who slayed the giant last year, but one who seems to be sleeping right through the alarm.

- BL


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