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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Little Brown Jug



Big House...

...Ann Arbor

Minnesota Golden Gophers...

...The battle for the coveted "Brown Jug"

Seriously, what's better than College Football and all the screwy traditions.

When I was in school I had a few traditions of my own. But those could probably get me arrested now...

(fyi - The History behind Michigan/Minnesota and the Little Brown Jug - "1903 Coach Yost took a team up to Minneapolis to play the Golden Gophers. They left, probably, on a Thursday night, traveled all night and got there late on Friday, played the game on Saturday. On Saturday morning, a student manager, out to buy a water jug.

Why? Because he didn't trust that the Minnesota people would give good water. He thought maybe they'd put something in water to make his players sick.

The game was played, and it was a brutal game. As you know, football was much different in those days – those of you who were there. After the game – it was a 6-6 tie – the [series] was discontinued for six years.

Coach Yost … wrote a letter, asking that the jug be returned. They refused. They said, 'If you want it, come back and we'll play for it.' Thus began the greatest tradition in college football history – the Little Brown Jug." - Lloyd Carr)

-Joe Huggins


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