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Friday, October 07, 2005

Debunking the Sports Hernia

There is no such thing as a Sports Hernia. There we said it. It's done now, quick and painless like a band-aid. We here at Taylor Bunts have searched the medical journals and websites for any mention of a Sports Hernia and it just doesn't exist.

Now one can't trust the Internet for everything, so we did some actual reporting on the Hernia front. According to an accomplished Vascular Surgeon a Sports Hernia is "not listed in any medical journal".

So if a Sports Hernia doesn't exist just what is happening to Dononvan McNabb's crotch? Doesn't this call into question everything McNabb has done in the NFL? I mean last year his hair looked more and more like Sy Sperling, and this year he has a head full of cornrows. Maybe he doesn't even eat Chunky Soup.

I want to be the first to call for a Congressional investigation into not only this phony hernia claim, but also how Jeremiah Trotter could play like one of the Golden Girls for two years on the Redskins, only to transform back into a linebacker on the Eagles.

So rest easy this weekend, TBunts will leave no stone unturned as we continue to debunk this myth known as the Sports Hernia.

- BL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Newspaper Hack said...

Bama RB Ken Darby was diagnosed with about four things last year before it was finally called a sports hernia. I'd never heard of such a thing. At the time, it sounded like bullshit.

12:13 AM

Anonymous Karl Spector, MD said...

As a physician and a sports geek, I can tell you that you are right; there is, technically, no such thing as a "sports hernia." Almost always, what lay-people refer to as a "sports hernia" we in the medical community call an "Inguinal hernia." The term hernia (and there are many different types) is basically a word for describing when one part of the body is in another part of the body where it doesn't belong. When the small bowel comes through the ingunal canal it is usually from increased abdominal pressure (lifting weights, strong blow to abdomen, etc) and so it is often related to sports. However, many patients that have an inguinal hernia have never spelled the word sports, let alone played them. So, that is why "sports hernia" doesn't "exist."

12:37 PM

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