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Thursday, July 14, 2005

WANG!!! NO!!!!

Not like this WANG, not like this! BREAKING NEWS!!! Wang on the 15 day DL! The rumor is that he may be done for the season. And I'm not gonna lie, when I heard this, I would have rather been kicked in the junk.

There are players that mean something and WANG means everything. Not only has all of Taiwan petitioned the Yanks to keep him on the roster, but fantasy teams have penciled him in for the remainder of the season.

Outside of Mo and Unit, this Wang injury may be the most catastrophic for the Yanks. Good news, folks, as help is on the way. The Yanks purchased the contract of Tim Redding. I think Papi may eat him tomorrow night. For serious! I think Redding should hire body guards.

I'm absolutely crushed by this Wang injury. (shaking my head, eyes down)



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