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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why is 6 afraid of 7? Cause 7, 8, 9!!!!

(*Editors Note - The site is experiencing temporary picture loading issues... So if you will, please image this. A streaker being tackled mid-field by Security. Imagine the hit that put Lucas in the hospital but instead of Corey Haim, it's a half naked dude.)

Yes, people, Taylor Bunts is still alive and kicking. Let's just say this past week was a transitional week in which we transitioned into a perpetual state of blogging purgatory. Yes or no. Yay or Nay. (I think I've gone cross eyed).

Anyway, the picks are in and after a week in which both Team JG and Team BL went 9-5, it looks like the ballers are ballin', the players are playin', the hustlers are hustlin', the smokers are smokin'.... (yawn). Ok, enough of that nonsense. Onto the picks and as alway HOME team in CAPS and differing games are in BOLD and itallics.


COWBOYS -9.5 Zona
Large spread, I know, but 2 straight mediocre Parcells games and I just feel a Boys Defensive showing. With the big game in the division, the Boys better be ready roll or they're just fakers to begin with. Cowboys for this guy. -JG

Dennis Green continues to drag his coaching reputation down working for the Bidwells and the worst franchise in the NFL. I was one of the people who thought Green would turn things around resulting in the first Inside the NFL broadcast from Tempe. I was wrong. Cowboys are the pick. -BL

CINCI -9.5 Pack
No starting RB, check. No backup RB, check. Some dude named Tony Fisher, aka, fantasy football's buzz index player of the week, check. But good ole #4 is still in the pocket and loves the points. Guess what, so do I. The Pack! -JG

Did anyone get the number of that bus last sunday? The bus that ripped through the Cincy defense like wet toilet paper. One of the worst seasons for Brett Favre got worse as Ahman Green, injured and out for the season, has been replaced by Tony Fisher. Bettis is one thing, but if Cincy can't stop this scrub than Marvin needs to rattle the Ds cage. I like Cincy. -BL

TITANS -1.5 Oak
For starters, I could use one of those vintage McNair performances for the good old Jonny Mexico team. BUT, Lamont was a man possessed last week and I see that happening again. The RAAAAAAIDDAHS! -JG

So wait Lamont Jordan runs for over 100 yards and Oak town wins. Can it happen again? The Titans can't stop anyone on defense, and their best offensive player is sitting on the sidelines. Maybe the worst game of the week. I got the Raiders. -BL

NYG -2.5 Wash
Remember the days of Phil Simms vs. Mark Rypien. Mark Bavarro running through defenders. LT patroling the field. Rodney Hampton and Ernest Byner controlling the tempo. Gary Clark stretching the field. Well, this week we have Eli and Brunell. Shockey and Lavarr. Tiki and Clinton and Santana. Times have changed, but not really. I'll take the G-MEN and a pound your chest game from Shockey. -JG

Now this is what a Joe Gibbs NFC East game is supposed to look like. Two historical franchises fighting in out for possesion of first place. Now Eli looked great during the Bronco game (a team the Skins lost to in Denver) and their offense is looking good, but its their D that I would be worried about. The secondary couldn't stop Kate Moss forget about Santana. The Redskins of the last three weeks are a different team from the first three, and this game will set a benchmark for the rest of the season. Look for LeVar Arrington to create a key turnover late in the game setting up Nick Novak for a Redskins game winning field goal. The pick is the Redskins people. -BL

HOU -2.5 Cleveland
Welcome to the win column Houston! No Braylon=No Browns win, it's that simple. Texans. -JG

Ok I take back my Titans/Raiders comment, because this is the worst game of the week. Its Trent Dilfer vs. David Carr. Watch the ball fly out of bounds. Watch Carr bobble the snap. See Dilfer do that thing where he points to the sky. David Carr only threw for 9 times last week against Indy, look for him to air it out more against the soft Browns D. I got the Texans. -BL

DET -3.5 Bears
Politically Incorrect comment #1, isn't it hard for Jeff Garcia to through a spiral with his soft wrist? Ok, ok, ok, ok... that was wrong and I'm done. But the Bears aren't. LOVE the points and LOVE that Joker. DeBears. -JG

Jeff Garcia is the new savior of Detroit. Forget about Scott Mitchell, Charlie Batch, or Joey Harrington, its a 5'9 canadian star's time to shine. Sadly this week Garcia is being force fed to the Bears front seven. Look for a low scoring affair with the Bears once again running the ball effectively while Steve Mariucci (one of my all time favs) begins his slow burn out of the motor city. Bears baby. -BL

CAR -8.5 Vikes
The Panthros have played down to their opponents this season time and time again. But to play down to level of the Vikes, you'd need to rent out the Bunny Ranch. Pass some of those sweet Peppers! Panthers. -JG

The only way things could get worse for Minnesota is if those party boats had crashed on a remote pacific island where Corey Chavous and Nate Burleson would fight over the laws of life, destiny, and reality. Mike Tice could be Hurley. I got the Panthers. -BL

ST LOU +3.5 Jax
Stop the presses, I am taking the Jags for the first time this year. Watch Jamie Martin tear the D a new one. But seriously, don't Jamie, don't. -JG

St. Louis is a home dog this week, and for good reason. Bulger is out, and their defense is a classic Rams combination of arm tackles and blown coverages. Jaxsonville, one of my AFC sleepers, has a great defense and an ever improving offense. Good teams in the NFL need to win road games against inferior talent. Its a Del Rio party this week in the gateway city. I got the Jags. -BL

NO -2.5 Miami
Is the Baton Rouge reunion bigger to Saban or the Saints. I'm going with Nick Saban and the Dolphins. -JG

The homecoming of Nick Saban to Baton Rouge (literally means the red baton, those cooky french) the site where he won his National Title as the coach of LSU. New Orleans meanwhile after getting blown by Katrina, is a team that seems to have totally given up. Not that I blame them, but Saban knows this area of the country and should be able to handle the Aaron Brooks experience. Snowflake and the Dolphins win. -BL

SD -6.5 Chiefs
Hey BL, remember the days when Tony Gonzalez was a legit TE in the NFL? Nah, I don't either. BUT where there is a Priest, there is a way and you can can't on Mass this Sunday in splendidly sunny San Diego. KC and I wouldn't mind LT getting 7 yards again. -JG

Marty ball was a way of life in Kansas City during the early 90s, and though they never won the big games the relationship between Marty and Derrick Thomas was worth the price of admission. Every year since Marty left we are sold a bill of good showing how this is the year the Chiefs turn their D around. Patrick Sutain was this years quick fix, and while showing some flashes of his old self the rest of the D looks lost. LT is the best back in football, and the Chiefs have no answer for him. Bolts baby. -BL

DEN -3.5 Philly
The Denver and Philly games from last week proved one thing. It's hard to beat good teams at home. That trend should continue in this one. Go Broncos and Go America. -JG

If you listen closely you can almost hear the NFL pundits jumping off the Eagles bandwagon. They don't run the ball enough. McNabb is too injured to really be effective. Their run D has been suspect. All those Andy Reid fans seem to be running for cover. If this game was in Philly I would be tempted to pick the Eagles, but in the thin air of mile high they shouldn't win. Tatum Bell for one hundred please. Denver. -BL

SAN FRAN +11.5 Bucs
So the Alex Smith adventure wasn't so grand, but the Ken Dorsey moments will be plentiful. Bucs win, but not by 11.5. 49ers and the points. -JG

The Redskins scored 52 points last week against this 49er team. Bucs it is. -BL

NE -9.5 Buff
Strange game for me to pick. But I refuse to go against the Pats, especially with 2 weeks to prepare for this one. Tom Brady on Sunday Night with Suzy Kolber staring at him and licking her chops. Wow, chills. The Pats. -JG

Teddy Brusci returns this week, and just in time as the wheels seem to be coming off this New England team. If Corey Dillon can turn it around in the second half of the season then the Pats could be deadly again. Look for a big Pat win leading into NFL Armageddon next week against the Colts in Foxboro. -BL

PITT -9.5 Baltimore
Very simple: No Ed Reed, No Ray Lewis, and Jamal dancing like a ballerina. I'll take the Steel Curtain and Sgt. Slaughter. -JG

Ray Lewis isn't playing and he's a former NFL defensive player of the year. Ed Reed isn't playing and he's a former NFL defensive player of the year. The only good news for Balt is that Kyle Boller isn't playing. This should be an easy win for the Steelers as millions of fantasy players begin making their Jamal Lewis voodoo dolls. Damn you Jamal. Steelers are the pick. -BL


Season Standings:
JG 54-47
BL 43-59



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