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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Nice Putt, Nancy

Remember Jean Van de Velde? Yup, he's the golfer that pulled one of the biggest chokes in the history of sports. I say biggest choke because the man stood on the 18th tee and needed a 6 to win the '99 British Open. A 6! Now me and my 13 handicap would be able to get a 6 on that hole. I seriously believe that.

Anyway, long story short he didn't get a 6 and he didn't win the British Open and in fact, the only time you hear his name said is when you are holding a lead on someone, going to the 18th and drop the "OK, Van de Velde, show me where it's at" line.

So what's Jean doing these days? Oh you know, applying to the WOMEN's tour to play in their British Open. I mean, c'mon buddy.

What, did getting called Nancy to many times actually hurt you that much?



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