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Friday, October 21, 2005

Put Your Hand up on my Picks...


Flintstones... Meet the Flintstones,
They're a modern stoneage family.
From the town of Bedrock,
They're a page right out of history.

Let's ride with the family down the street.
Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet.

When you're with the Flintstones,
have a yabba dabba doo time,
a dabba doo time,
we'll have a gay old time...

Yes its Hurricane Wilma's weekend, but don't expect us at TBunts to make some sort of crass joke. I mean we might just be one little ol'blog, but damn us if we have morals people.

Anyone in the mood for some ribs?

As always HOME TEAMS are in CAPS and differing games are in BOLD and itallics.


MIA -1.5 Kansas City Chiefs
So wait, Wilma's coming, the game is tonight, the Chiefs are traveling today, schedules are thrown off and the Fins are GIVING points? What a wack-o situation. I'll take the Priest and the Chiefs and the inevitable Vermeil eye shower, praising his team's stick-to-it-ivness. -JG

Tony Gonzalez is quickly becoming the Jimmy Cooper of the Chiefs. Here is a guy everyone knows is an all-star, and a game changer who can't get a ball for some reason. If this doesn't change soon Tony could be moving to Hawaii to sell yachts. I got the Chiefs. -BL

VIKING CRUISE LINER -1.5 Green Bay Packers
The Vikings's plot this season seems just like Speed 2. If you squint your eyes enough the faces of pain Mike Tice makes, look like Willim Defoe. I like the Pack. -BL

Is it true no NFC North team has won a road game this season? The buck stops here, Favre leads the troops through troubled waters. Packers ride Vikings all they way to shore. -JG

THE LOU (ST LOUIS) -3.5 New Orleans Saints
I'm gonna take the Rams, but I really don't know why. No QB, no coach, weak D, great choice, huh. Well, I'm taking them!!!! (btw, I'm starting Az Hakim on my fantasy squad this week - tough times). -JG

Imagine next year when the San Antonio Saints take Matt Leinart from the University of Southern California, quickly followed by the end of the world. I got the Rams. -BL

PHILLY -4.5 San Diego Chargers
The Philly D has been overrated for a while now, especially their Run D. Look for LT and the Bolts line to push around the Eagles in the same way they made the Steelers look foolish. I got the Bolts. -BL

It amazes me that you never hear how LT was a better #1 pick than Mike Vick. Never. Like who would you rather build a team around right now. Anywho I think Philly needs this game a little more. McNabb and his chunky soup for this guy. -JG

HOUSTON +15.5 Indianapolis Colts
Peyton Manning has really changed to me. I used to laugh at him and stuff because he doesn't have a chin and yadda yadda... but these new Mastercard commercials are easily making him my most favorite commercial person this side of David Spade's sidekick in the Capitol One spots. I'm all over the Colts. -JG

The only way this season could get lower for the Texans is if they hired Tara Reid as the next offensive coordinator. Girl knows a lot about being offensive. If I live in Houston I am watchin the Stros anyway. I got the Colts. -BL

CINCI -1.5 Pittsburgh Steelers
Don't sleep on the Steelers here people. The Bengals are a good team this year no doubt, but I dont trust their defense totally to stop the Bus. I got Pitt. -BL

My favorite phrase these days: "these aren't you dad's Bengals." Well, weren't the Bengals in the Super Bowl in the 80s? How old do you think my dad is? Mr. Palmer meet the big bad Steelers D. I'll take the Steelers. -JG

CLEVELAND -2.5 Detroit Lions
Remember what I said earlier about the NFC North and not winning road games. Well, here is another one. The Lions may be disfunctional and a bunch of babies, but I mean they are getting points from Dilfer here. Oh and Jeff Garcia might play. That's right. Against his former team, you know he'll be pumped. Lions. -JG

The Kings of the NFC North take on the Kings of the AFC North in a game that should be full of Bill Maas and Tim Green calling out the wrong names and positions for both teams. I got the Browns. -BL

WASH -11.5 San Francisco 49ers
Well after 7 weeks of waiting a Redskins game will be televised locally here in NYC. Of course that game is against the Rattay-less Niners. Over/Under on the number of times we hear about how short Santana Moss is; 5.5. I got the Skins. -BL

Alex Smith meet the Greggster and his rabid bunch of Skins defenders. I'll take the Skins and Santana Moss to keep his 200 yard season alive. -JG

SEATTLE -3.5 Dallas Cowboys
Without intending to sound like the Sports Guy, Seattle needs to win this game a whole heckuva lot more than the Cowboys. Seattle needs to show they can hang with the big boys and the Cowboys just took down the Eagles and the G-Men. C'mon Hasselbleck and C'mon Seahawks. And was I the only idiot in America who didn't take the Hawks last week? How dumb am I? -JG

Seattle easily has the worst logo/uniform in the entire league. They need some kind of Extreme Makeover; Team Edition where they can get some free Sears hardware, and maybe a better look. I got the Cowboys. -BL

CHICAGO -1.5 Baltimore Ravens
I hate the Ravens. I hate Jamal Lewis. I hate Ray Lewis. I hate Crabs. Kyle Orton is still the Bears QB. I got the Ravens. -BL

I'll take the under, FOR SURE. Anthony Wright vs. the Bears D or Kyle Orton vs. the Ravens D. Gulp and double gulp. I'll take the home team in this one. DaBears! -JG

NYG-MEN -2.5 Denver Broncos
Let me put it this way, Ron Dayne is back in the Meadowlands. Shivers down my spine. Go America and Go Broncos. (that's a South Park reference, btw) -JG

Jake Plummer is like one of those Big Yellow School Buses with a governor on it so it tops out at 55 mph. Look for Jake to make all his necessary stops as the Broncos win. -BL

OAKTOWN -3.5 Buffalo Bills
Randy Moss is the one player that can impact any game he plays in. Sadly the only thing Randy has impacted this year is his drug dealer back in Minnesota. I got the Bills. -BL

Well, no Randy is going to be an issue and I would imagine lots of Lamont Jordan. But I'm sticking with the whole "winning a road game in the NFL is a big thing" thing. So I'll take the Raiders. -JG

ZONA -2.5 Tennessee Titans
Hey Ben, are you from Memphis? Cause you're the only Ten I See! Oh man. Oh man. My sides. Where was I? I don't remember. I'll take the feisty Titans. -JG

The Titans are the youngest team in the NFL. Jeff Fisher sports some of the best facial hair in the league. 2 good reasons to go with the Titans. -BL

ATL -7.5 New York Jets
Do you think Vinny sits on the plane to Atlanta listening to his iPod full of Springsteen and Boston wondering who the hell this Hollaback Girl is? I do. I got the Falcons. -BL

Nothing says Monday Night quite like Vinny from Elmont. Look for a lot of Ron Mexico and lot of defense. I'll take the points down in ATL and go with J! E! T! S! Jets Jets Jets! -JG


Season Standings:

JG 45-43
BL 34-54

-Taylor Bunts


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