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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dress for Success

Poor Stephen Jackson and his NBA friends.

It seems after years of cultivating the hip-hop/rap lifestyle with such stars as Allen Iverson and Ron Artest, the NBA has decided to adopt a more "professional atmosphere" asking all players to wear Jackets and collared shirts while on the job. In a suprise to no one, the NBA players are already complaining about the new rule.

I understand their position on one hand. I mean the point of havin millions of dollars is being able to dress like a peacock, but after the Rumble in the Palace and Kobe's trip to Eagle the corporate sponsors are rightly asking for a more professional atmosphere on the hardwood.

Look I for one in my list of what's wrong with the NBA complained about how throwbacks were ruining the continuity of the teams (having 5 different road jerseys especially when one is neon blue isn't good marketing) so I am pleased with this new rule. The rule also bans large chains worn around the neck, and that was the straw that broke Stephen Jackson's back.

The Pacers star and Robin to Artest's Batman, showed his displeasure by wearing all of his chains at the same time. Suck on that Stern and your corporate money. Stephen Jackson is the Rosa Parks of the NBA. Jackson wore four chains, one with his initials, two with a crucifix, and a forth depicting Jesus Christ.

Nothing shows more humility in front of the lord than using diamonds for Christ's beard. Jackson was going to get Saint Peter done in Saphires and Rubys, but didn't want to seem too showy.

I am totally behind the Commish on this issue. If asking millionaires to dress like adults is too much than feel free to void their own deals and just find another way to make their money. Without a doubt there will be players like Iverson who just write checks to cover the oncoming fines, but the gauntlet has been thrown down by the NBA. The Gansta era is over in the NBA, even if Jesus in the sky with Diamonds was a gift from your baby's mama.

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Blogger Newspaper Hack said...

I agree. All this stuff about being anti-black is bullshit. I'm as liberal as the next man (usually more), and the argument against the suits thing smacks of immaturity. I think I saw Chris Webber somewhere saying it wasn't a racist thing, and that black men can look more dapper than anyone else. Nobody told them they had to dress like a banker. With all that jack the guys have, they can be looking pretty good in a fashionable suit.

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