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Monday, October 17, 2005

Lamb's Chops

Grab hold of me Marty, cause we're going back in time. Back to a time BEFORE the Yankees were cursed. Back to a time before Lamb's blood was painted on doorways to spare the oldest children.

Two January's ago.

The Yanks were just coming off their World Series loss against the Marlins and both Sox were still cursed. Mystique and Aura realized something was following them. Where ever they went, this thing, was sure to go.

Soriano still had pinstripes hanging in his locker and Aaron Boone was wanted dead or alive in Beantown. But then something happened. Boone's wicked cross over caused his knee to turn in a couple of disgusting Willis McGahee angles. Just like that, things changed. The Lambs started screaming.

There was now a hole at third base, a hole too big for the Captain to cover. The Yanks quickly moved to fill this void. Anyone know the move? Nope, not May-Rod.

The Yanks jumped and signed Mike Lamb. Lamb played with the Yanks just long enough to finish a Jamba Juice, but his current standing leaves plenty of Yanks wondering.

Soon came "The Deal" and Mr. May-Rod came to town. And in the newspaper, under transactions, was the only place that you could read "The Yankees release Mike Lamb." Words that have altered Yankee history forever.

The Lambs haven't stopped screaming, have they? Since that moment, curses have been broken, the Yankees choked, and choked again, and The May-Rod legacy may have gone in the crapper.

You see, Mike Lamb is currently playing on the Astros. Mike Lamb is currently one win away from playing in THE Series. Mike Lamb is batting .300 with 2 Home Runs in the playoffs. May-Rod is finishing his MVP acceptance speech.

Things happen in baseball, life moves on. Getting A-Rod and losing Mike Lamb may be just a footnote in the storied history of the Yankees, but you feel the Yanks and Yanks fans would be happier with a healthy surving of Lamb.

(BTW, I take solace in the fact that the Angels were ripped in the LCS. It just shows me that they shot their load to beat the Yanks. - - Sour Grapes...You bet. I'm still really sore.)



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