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Friday, October 14, 2005

Six? You don't like Six? Six is good.

Smell something? Feel that tingle in your gonads? Welcome to .500 folks (sorry BL). Let me tell ya, it has been a tough, long road back to .500. I've seen just about everything in these last few weeks. The elimination of both our Baseball Teams. The decimation of the Wolverines. The OC not on TV and finding myself in no way upset. Gary Hogeboom refusing to admit he's Gary Hogeboom. The Black Family on The Amazing Race. I've even discovered a new favorite show, Run's House. What was my point? I don't remember.

Anyway, here are the picks. HOME TEAM in CAPS and differing games in bold and itallics. (9 differing games this week, fyi.)

And also, the spreads we use are from CBS Sportsline and are not necessarily what the exact spreads are. (All .5 so there are no pushes.)



SAINTS +4.5 Atlanta Falcons
The Saints gave up 510 points last week and now they have Mike Vick coming to town? Cousin Aaron Brooks doesn't stand a chance. Falcons. -JG

How bout that Matt Schaub people. All this kid does is almost lead a miracle comeback against the Super Bowl Champs, and people still call out for Vick. Bench Vick and unleash Schaub, I got the Falcons. -BL

RAVENS -5.5 Cleveland Browns
Will the real Ravens team please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone. People seem to hate on Joey Harrington, but Kyle Boller gets my vote for the most inept QB in the NFL. I can't believe this myself but I got the Dog Pound. -BL

Jamal Lewis has run for 1100 yards in 8 games against the Browns. I know this cause I'm playing against him this weekend too. And if you hear that noise, it's my teeth chattering in fear. The Ravens. -JG

CHI-TOWN -3.5 Minnesota Vikings
Remember when Minnesota was supposed to be THE team in the NFC? Well, after their bye week and their sex orgy, I think I forgot all about them. Bears at home. -JG

The biggest weapon on the Bears, Thomas Jones, might not even play in this game, plus Kyle Orton is still their QB. While I hate taking the Vikes outside, I believe in 'Pepper. -BL

BUCS -4.5 Miami Dolphins
What a day to be an Auburn alum/fan. Caddy vs. Ronnie Brown. The Bucos took one on the chin against the ageless Testeverde, I don't see that happening two weeks in a row. Tampa and only 3 quarters out of Caddy. -JG

Its a battle for the hearts and minds of South Florida fans, and I got a weird feeling that Nick Saban can figure out how to shake Brian Griese. Look for Ricky to make a big splash in his return. Go with the new two headed monster of Brown and Ricky. -BL

LIONS -1.5 Carolina Panthers
Picking the Lions is like relying on Mischa Barton in Celebrity Jeopardy. I got Carolina in the Motor City. -BL

One big win from Joey Harrington and all of a sudden tides are turning. Lee Corso would say..."not so fast mister." Roy Will is talking about not being comfortable and Chuck Rogers is hanging out with Onterrio Smith? I'll take the Panthros. -JG

PITTS -2.5 Jacksonville Jaguars
Taylor Bunts was debating who has had a better career, Charlie Batch (almost 10,000 career yards) or Drew Henson (worthless). We went with Charlie Batch and that's why I'm taking the Steelers. -JG

I believe someone said this exact phrase last week. "I still have no respect for the Jags". Well I do, but not in the cold and wet confines of the house that Ketchup Built. Go with Cower. -BL

TITANS +3.5 Cincinnati Bengals
The Titans are only favored by 3.5 against what seems to be a vastly improved Bengal team. This feels like some sort of trap. What would Hank Goldberg do? I got the Bengals. -BL

Remember when President Palmer's wife had his secretary try and get all frisky with him? Well, I do, but she's dead now. President Palmer leads the Bengals in this one. -JG

DALLAS -3.5 New York Giants
Eli-Eli-O and on his farm he had some Shockey. Eli-Eli-O. I love the points in this one. G-Men turning some heads? -JG

Drew Bledsoe and Terry Glenn last week had me singing the Friends theme and playing my Gin Blossom CDs. It was the mid 90s in Dallas. The beat goes on in a high scoring contest with the Boys out on top. -BL

KC -5.5 Washington Redskins
I mean how many times can one person pick their home team before it gets out of hand? I would guess around 16 times. I got the Skins. -BL

Skins, the points, and maybe some great LaVarr antics on the sideline. Just puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease let the Priest get many many yards and/or a bunch of TDs. -JG

DENVER -3.5 New England Patriots
Do the Pats ever get a week off? This week though they get the good fortune of Jake Plummer. I see 3 Jake turnovers and a Pats win. -BL

If you got burned by picking against the Patriots last week please raise your hand. (My hand is sky high right now). Have we learned our lesson? I haven't. Broncos at home. -JG

BILLS -3.5 New York Jets
What's the difference between the Bills this week and the Bucs last week? Great D's. Good running games. Here's one thing though. Hop on the Vinnie Express! Woo-HA! -JG

Vinny and the Jets take the train upstate to Buffalo, otherwise know as Green Bay East. It will be cold and wet, and you should see how agravated my dad gets when the temperature drops below 50. Poor Vinny, I got the Bills. -BL

OAK +2.5 San Diego Chargers
Welcome to the Black Hole! Word is Woodson's gonna play some safety and roam a little more. That's gonna equal a train wreck with Antonio Gates as the freight. Anyway, Oaktown's fiercest wins it, the Randy way. -JG

This is a game that the Chargers should win. A division matchup aganst a pourous Oakland D. LT will feast on the toothless Sapp line, I got the Bolts. -BL

SEAHAWKS -9.5 Houston Texans
David Carr is becoming the Tina Turner of the NFL. How many more beatings can we take before enough is enough. Run David Run, he don't love you. I got the Hawks. -BL

Houston has to win a game, right? Maybe not, but they at least have to cover the 9.5. I just don't think Syd Jurevicious and DJ Hacket will equal a blow out. -JG

INDY -13.5 St. Louis Rams
Cut that meat! Cut that meat! Cut that meat! Cut that meat! I'll take Indy an the revamped D. -JG

Well sadly the only team better than the Rams in a dome is lining up against them Monday night. I don't think that the Rams will win, but that's some spread huh. Take the Rams and the points in what will be a high flying game. -BL


Season Standings
JG 37-37
BL 29-45

-Taylor Bunts


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