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Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Kind of Town Chicago

So I start a new job and wouldn't you know it, some very big sports stories begin to come out. We start first with the World Series Champs, the Chicago White Sox, a team that really bothers me. Its not the team on the field that I have a problem with, they had the classic combination of big time starting pitchers and a enigma in Bobby Jenks who like K-Rod for the Angels was the big time arm no one had any idea about.

They had Ozzie Guillen, probably the most liked person in baseball since Cal retired, and of course they had that rabid Cubs fan base backing them all the way. I mean there really is no such thing as a real White Sox fan. Chicago is a Cubs town through and through, and the fake torture of not winning since 1917 rang even more hollow following the Sox vindication last year. They kept on showing some bar during the game "full of crazed White Sox fans" who seemed to only be reacting to the red light on the camera and not the game.

I feel bad for Biggio and Bagwell, two guys who deserved the right to bring a Championship back to Houston. This was easily their last chance at the big dance, with the prospect of not having the same arms carrying them next year. Brad Lidge seems more like Octavio Dotel than Mariano Rivera.

What else is happening people...Well Sheryl Swoops is gay. Shocker. The only thing I enjoyed about her coming out was how it got more press than the WNBA playoffs ever get. ESPN loves Lesbians....Redskins vs Giants this week is probably the biggest division game of the week. Eli looks like the real deal, but so does Levar right now. BTW go read Peter King's MMQB at CNNSI if you are into Eli news. Tiki calls him Elisha, wow that Peter King gets the big scoops....NHL is back, did I mention the WNBA has a lesbian in it?...Costas Now on HBO is the new hottness....Mary Carillo is the new Sherly Swoops....SI NBA preview arrived at my door with Bird and Artest on the cover. Probably the biggest mismatched pairing since Jessica and Dieter. Jessica could do so much better....

Ok well look I apologize to our tens of fans who read this blog either accidentally or by force for not being around much recently, but take this as my promise that the heart and life blood of TBunts will never stop beating. Keep hope alive, you must keep hope alive.

- BL


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