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Thursday, February 02, 2006

He's A Big Dumb Animal, Isn't He Folks?

Year 2 of the Urban Meyer experience has already exceeded the hype of year 1, and its not even august yet. The Gators according to many reports have the top recruiting class in the country, highlighted by the signings of QB Tim Tebow and WR Percy Harvin.

Tim Tebow is my new favorite gator, a kid who was homeschooled his entire life so that he could join his family on missions to remote asian locations. He is according to friends I have in Gainesville, amazing, strong, tough, and dumb. So I did a little research and found out that his high school GPA was 3.5.....oh and his SAT was 890. 890 is nothing to be ashamed about people, its a lot more than 790.

On PTI last night (The best show on TV BTW) they were asked the chances of Urban Meyer winning a national title in Gainesville. Mr. Tony put it at a high 75% while Wilbon was more of a hack putting the number at 5%. I think that the number is closer to 50% with Urban needing some breaks to make it happen.

The reasoning is the Gators schedule; Depending on the year, the Gators could be At LSU, At Tennessee, and At FSU. Oh and don't forget the largest outdoor cocktail party, but then again its Georgia. If the Gators were in the PAC 10, I would say the Gators could be in the Rose Bowl by this year, but the road through the SEC is never easy.

Florida is only 10 years removed from its last (and first and only) National Title, could that big dummy Tebow lead us to the promised land? Well I wouldn't let Tebow near an open flame, but I think he might be the final piece to the ultimate Urban Warfare.

- BL


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