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Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm Sorry TO, But You're Fired

The axe didn't take long to fall on the Terrell Owens story in Philadelphia as Andy Reid has decided to suspend TO for 4 games and then make him inactive for the rest of the season. This Keyshaun-esque treatment will no doubt be signal for the columnists to write "told you so" about Owens.

One has to only sit and wait for the Skip Bayless column about how he knew TO in San Fran, and how he saw the dark heart of Owens then and still now. What does this mean for the Eagles the rest of the season? Pretty much it signals the end of their playoff hopes this year, and allows Mcnabb to bow out by the end of the season with his multiple injuries.

Who will sign TO? Is there a team crazy enough to take on this team killer? Can the Raiders start both Moss and TO? All of these questions still remain, but the money is on some team needing to make a splash once again taking a flyer on the ball of talent and immaturity known as TO.

Not to mix my mediums here people, but TO is so Dunzo.

- BL


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Anonymous pb said...

We should program what songs should be on T.O.'s iPod.

In fact, I'm compiling a list of them.

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