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Monday, November 07, 2005

The U helps out the BCS

Let me first admit that I am not, nor never have been, a fan of the University of Miami. I trace back this dislike all the way to a Cotton Bowl in the early 90s when one of those classic 90s Cane teams; brutal, cocky, and covered in fatigues ran through and up a sad Texas team.

There were the Canes dancing and hollering, and I hated it. So it is with no great excitement that I write a glowing post about the Hurricanes. Coming into this weekend's game versus Virginia Tech Hokies, the Canes seemed like the big step forward this Hokie team would make, staking their claim to the National Title Game. Marcus Vick, a year removed from a pot suspension, was heralded in places like sports illustrated as being even better than his big bro Mike. The Canes were a nice team, but this was the year VTech took control of the new ACC. Somehow Beamer Ball didn't get the memo.

All Miami did was come out and smack the Hokies in the mouth for sixty straight minutes, looking like those classic Canes of old combining hard nosed defense and a quality running game. Marcus Vick looked more like Marcus Allen back there avoiding the dline of the Canes of everydown. By the end of the first qtr. the game was over for all intensive purposes leaving the Hokies dreams of BCS gold on terminal watch.

The worst part of this game was how beneficial this loss was to the BCS, and its chances of avoiding its constant controversy. Having VTech lose gives the chances that more than one undefeated remains by the end of the season. Right now the BCS best dreams involved USC and Texas being the only two undefeateds leaving little discussion of who should be one/two in the end. Alabama is now the only team that can ruin the BCS party (giving the possibility of another SEC undefeated, Auburn anyone, missing out on a BCS Title Game).

So for all of us that can't help but wonder how the NCAA and the School's Presidents can continue to say how a playoff won't work in Division I (even though it works in almost every other level of play) need to hope for chaos to rule once again in the BCS. This flawed system that still can't perfect a way to pick the top two teams while devaluing the rest of the bowl games (but true can you get much lower than the Music City Bowl) needs to be blown up. Miami sadly with its crushing win might have given the BCS another shaky leg to stand on.

- BL


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