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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Did I catch a Niner in there?

As Always HOME TEAM is in CAPS and differing games are in BOLD and itallics.


J!E!T!S! +6.5 Bolts
As much as I love Vinny from Elmont... Actually, I have no love left for Vinny from Elmont. LT has as many TD passes as the Pennington, Fiedler, Bollinger, Vinny, Ken O'Brien, Glenn Foley, Browning Neagle, etc. combined. San Diego Super Chargers. -JG

The Jets at this point in the season should be playing for Matt Leinart. Imagine the star power then in NYC. Eli and Matty sharing the same city? Is there enough blondes and coke for both of them? Jets should roll over here. Bolts are the pick.
- BL

VIKES +1.5 Detroit
No 'Pep, no problem. Remember a guy named Brad Johnson? A guy Brad Johnson who lead a Bucs team to a Super Bowl title? Yeah, him. Well, he's the guy in Minnesota now. He's the guy that is going to add stability to that mess (sort of). I'll take the Vikes. -JG

Ding dong the Vikes are dead, really dead, sad but true. Ding dong the Vikings ship is dead. Daunte is out for good, and their secondary led my the toothless Fred Smoot is making everybody look good. The NFC North, its Fantastic! I got the Lions.

BUCS +1.5 Panthers
The Bucs have lost to the Jets and 49ers. The Bucs have Chris Simms under center. Good Night and Good Luck. Panthros. -JG

Tampa Bay, to quote my good friend Lee Flowers, are nothing but paper champions. I mean with Brian Griese at QB this team was way overrated, and now without him its back to basics in TB. Meanwhile the Panthers seem to once again be a legit force in the NFC. Steve Smith is the new model at receiver; a guy who runs precise routes and can out run you down the field. He isn't six feet tall, but neither is Ronde Barber. I got the Panthers.
- BL

CLEVE -3.5 Titans
In Braylon we trust, but not this weekend. I'll take the Alcorn State legend and the Titans. -JG

If two teams meet that no one cares about, and both of them fall down; Do they make a sound? I got the Titans.
- BL

JAX -13.5 Texans
I have gone with Jacksonville a couple of times this year and I've been burned each time. The Texans just got their win, so they aren't due anymore. I'll take the Jag-u-ars. -JG

Well normally I would jump at the chance to see Big John Henderson and the rest of the Jags crunch David Carr, but have you seen the line for this one? Some spread huh? Take the points and the Texans.
- BL

KC -4.5 Oak
Priest has head trauma. That's not good for my fantasy, BUT maybe that means Larry Johnson will get EVERYTHING. KC still is a tough home field advantage and I expect a shoot-out. KC. -JG

Oak town in the house people, the silver and black attack. Sadly that last statement only refers to their fan base, not their toothless team. I got the Chefs, scratch that Chiefs.
- BL

BAL +3.5 Cinci
No Ray and No Ed and the Nevermores put up one helluva fight on Monday Night. And you know what? That fight continues - the Ravens take it to their old coach. -JG

I hate Baltimore, I hate Jamal Lewis, I hate Brian Billick. Enough reasons for ya? I got the Bengals.
- BL

MIA +2.5 Falcons
A bye week to get Mike Vick healthy? Trouble for the Dolphins. I take the Falcons and does anyone else find it strange that both Marcus and Michael are playing against a Miami team this weekend? -JG

Mike Vick is having probably the most boring winning season in recent memory. The Falcons have decided his whole running around and throwing the ball up for grabs thing might not be the best way to win. Jim Mora Jr. is taking a power running game and a solid D towards the playoffs. The only question is what happens when a good D focuses on the Atlanta run game? I got the Falcons.
- BL

NO +2.5 Chicago
I'm taking the Bears here... But since I was in the Windy City last weekend, thought I'd share a story. At a Halloween party the other night at a bar. Frank Thomas, er World Champion Frank Thomas, attended the same party, cause that's how I roll. Anyway, my buddy's girlfriend spills her entire beer all over The Big Hurt. Hilarious, right? Well, add to the fact that in the cab ride back I had to tell her who Frank Thomas was, the comedy was Everest High. -JG

Tom "Boogie" Benson recently claimed that after his one appearance in Baton Rouge that he would never visit the city again. Well I have been to Baton Rouge, and let me second the feelings of Boogie. The biggest draw there was McDonalds which served breakfast until noon. Ahh Egg McMuffin. I got the Bears.
- BL

SAN FRAN +10.5 New York G-Men
Eli to Shockey. Eli to Plax. Tiki up the middle. Eli to Plax. Tiki up the middle. That should be enough to cOver the spread. -JG

Well I can admit that I was impressed by the smackdown the Giants put on the Redskins last week. Their offense is very good and the D for once actually took a stand. Can it happen this week? They're playing the 49ers people. G-Men it is.
- BL

ZONA +4.5 Seahawks
Hey everyone, Kurt Warner is starting this weekend. By default, wouldn't you have to take the Seahawks? -JG

Dennis Green is someone who always takes the high road, sadly in Arizona the highest round is a tunnel. ZING. Give me the Hawks.
- BL

GREEN BAY +6.5 Steelers
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Lambeau is the hallowed ground and what not, but Big Ben just went under the knife. If there ever was a game that the Steelers could lose and still feel good about themselves it's this one. I'll take the Pack. But if the Packers lose and end up with the first pick in the draft, do they take Leinart? Didn't they just draft the next Favre in Aaron Rodgers? -JG

I feel so bad for Favre right now. If the Packers bench him for any reason this season a pox on all their houses. The Steelers are mean and nasty, let's hope they all play nice. Sidenote for this game who has the better hair? Troy Polamalu or Al Harris. I got the Steelers.
- BL

WASH -2.5 Eagles
I think LaVarr will play more. I think TO won't play. I think the Skins will knock em in the mouth. -JG

The Skins were embarassed last week, and I think they take out all that anger this week against the Eagles. Mcnabb is limping around, and even if TO plays look the Redskins blitz to never let up. REDSKINS BABY.
- BL

PATS +3.5 Indy
The day of reckoning is upon us and I don't know if the Colts will score that many points, but I think they score more than the Pats. In fact, I think they'll score more than 3.5 points more than the Pats. -JG

This is where the Pats team we all know and love makes their final stand. I see the Colts like the soliders from Glory charging up to that fort full of fight ready to give it their all only to be met by a cannon full of Brusci. I think the Pats pull another one out here. Pats is the pick.
- BL


Season Standings:
JG 64-51
BL 51-65

-Taylor Bunts


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