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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Green Lantern's Candle Blew Out Long Before...

3rd and 5.

4th Quarter.

Need a TD to win, need 5 yards to keep the drive going.

Jets QB drops back into the pocket - it's 3rd down, where's #80?

QB finds him - throws it - and #80 does what he always does... Puts his body, his heart, his soul out for the team. He gets 6 yards - moves the chains - ends his career.

You never want to see this happen, never want a player to leave the game this way, concused for the um-teenth time... But it's somewhat poetic that Wayne Chrebet, the same man who came from nowhere (the pride of Hofstra), the same man who earned his living making the big catch at the big time, makes his last catch and has it mean so much.

Chrebet, in the words of my dad, was the man who was ALWAYS OPEN!!!! Big spot, need a first down - #80.

The Anti-Meshaun, the Anti-TO. Chrebet will be remembered by every Jets fan for ever. His legacy will live on.

We bow our heads to you, Wayne and don't take this the wrong way, but we don't want to see you on the field anymore. No more concussions. Please, no more concussions.



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