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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Get Me Darryl

Doc Gooden is being sought by Police after driving away from an officer who believes he was driving under the influence.

Doc in trouble? No way.

What amazes me most about these instances with Doc and/or Darryl is that when they are being chased by the law, it isn't really shocking. How many people do you think read the headline of Doc being sought after by the fuzz and just shrugged their shoulders or at the very least uttered, "makes sense."

Now, in no way will I sit here and play the, "in my day," game. But are we getting to the point where there is a generation of sports fans who only know Doc from his police blotter as opposed to his hey day on the mound? Sounds crazy, but it's probably true.

But relax sports purists, I have hope that Jacob Dylan of the Wallflowers will write a song clearing Doc's name (similar to his dad and Hurricane). Oh wait, Clapton already wrote one about Doc, it's called Cocaine.




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