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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Huggins House for Wayward Youth Closing?

It is almost time to drop the curtain on the Bob Huggins show in Cincinnati, as ESPN is reporting that the Huggins will be forced to either submit his resignation or be fired by the University.

Huggy Bear has always coached under a cloud in my book, as he turned Cincinnati into a halfway house for "problem" athletes. James White was supposed to become the next Michael Jordan under Billy Donovan, but turned into a spoiled baby who ran afoul of the law more often than the amount of blown defensive calls he attibuted. Where did White go when he was kicked off the team? Right into the warm, soft, deli meat, smelling breath of Huggy.

Now while Huggins was a success at Cincy, going to the NCAA Tournament for the past 14 years, it has been the abnormally high level of acceptable risk that is the real undoing for Bob at Cincy. So the day of Huggy is over, take down the Bong Storage Locker sign, clean out the paternity test kits, and call the parole boards, cause the Bear has left the building.

- BL


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