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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Party Time, Excellent...

University of Wisconsin Madison Voted #1 Party School

Between the Pokey Stix and Jump Around at Camp Randal and BW-3's and Halloween and The Towers and the magical, lasting memory of Rooooooon Dayne; there lies a majestic little university buried deep within Mad-Town, Wisconsin.

From my experiences at "bar time" on State St, I can only say that's it is pure madness. More people then you can count, more alcohol then you can consume, and more of other substances, if that is what you desire.

But let's not let the #1 Party School get ahead of itself. They are also the 34th ranked academic univeristy.

Let's just leave it at; "We work hard, we play hard" and cue up the C & C Music Factory.



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