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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Topless My-Skin-A

What a year for the lovely Anastasia Myskina. First she stuns the tennis world and captures the French Open championship AND THEN she gets stunned herself when she finds topless photogs of her have been published.

I mean, how many times has that happened. You take some risque pictures, sign a release and then remember that you don't speak the language the release was written in. Hey, I guess it happens, but it seems like the joke's on Myskina as she cannot stop the photographer from distributing the topless pics.

Just imagine the scene, "So Miss Myskina sign here. (trying to hide laughter) I guarantee these pictures will be beautiful and tasteful. (high fiving associate) And believe me, no one will ever see them! (bent over in laughter)"

Sure she's suing GQ for $8 mill for the pics and probably some emotional damage, but you can't possibly get better pub than this. With the US Open around the corner and Maria Shara-HOT stealing the show, I think this was a very wise business move for her.

Here's to hoping that Martina Navratilova NEVER EVER (eva, eva) decides to pull a stunt like this.



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