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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Picking on a Scab

In what can only be described as news here on Tbunts, Kevin Millar world series hero and activities director of the red sox love boat, might be nothing more than a low down dirty scab. Working off information found in the Baseball Almanac, it seems that Millar was one of those replacement spring training players, and as such is denied membership in the MLB Players Association. A good answer to my question of why the Red Sox have a black guy at 1st base in MVP 2005 (available now at local retail stores).

Money Quote on the Scabs -

"Each of the players below, according to the Players Association, are not allowed union membership. They each are given representation during arbitration or other matters, they all receive pension benefits, but they are not part of the actual union — which essentially means they do not receive any licensing monies and they cannot vote on union matters."

Ouch, and Millar isnt the only bold name on the page. Joining him are the yanks fans fav Shane Spencer, the pride of Frammingham Lou Merloni, Brandon Donnelly, Cory Lidle, and Damian Miller.

Now I have never been a part of a Union or Association, but I was in a fraternity in college so I know something about group think. So instead of yelling insults like Scab or Line Breaker or Pussy, let's just remember these guys are only human, and they will never get the chance to be in a video game. Tough pill to Swallow


- BL


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