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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Mighty Ducks Redux: Chapter 2

Chapter 1

...Like I said, it’s the best hockey movie trilogy ever. But there is one flaw that upon intense scrutiny, runs constant throughout the three films: Joshua Jackson, a-k-a "Charlie Conway," a-k-a "Pacey Witter" from Dawson’s Creek. Second to "Gordon" in the first two movies, "Charlie" is probably the most important character, and he is definitely the main character in the third film.

The problem truly presents itself in the second movie. You see, in any film, there has to be conflict. In the second film’s case, much of the conflict rises from "Gordon’s" selling out and neglecting to take care of his players. He loses sight of what’s truly important and only cares about the glamour of the job. With this new myopic vision, "Gordon" doesn’t even realize that arguably the team’s best player, "Adam Banks," has injured himself. Finally, when confronted about his behavior, "Gordon" notices the injury, and being the good coach that he is, forces "Adam" to rest. By the end of the movie, however, "Adam" can play, but because the team has added yet another player (Keenan Thompson of Nickelodeon and now SNL fame), there is no room for him. This is where the trouble begins because "Charlie" volunteers to sit and be an assistant coach.

Yes, you heard me, "Charlie," who was the hero of the first film, scoring the game winning goal on a penalty shot, decides he’s not as good as "Adam" and bites the bullet for the team so they can have their best player in the championship game. This one noble choice casts doubt on what happened before in the first movie and after in the third...

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