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Friday, November 11, 2005

Hang TEN

Week Ten already, my goodness, where has the season gone. Pretty soon we'll all be sitting on our couches drinking some brews while watching the Thanksgiving games. Unreal.

Last week was a good one for both teams (BL 9-5, JG 8-6) and we see no reason why this shouldn't continue. As for the fighting Jonny Mexico's of the Alabama Worley Football league dropped to 4th place, but couldn't be happier that Priest is dunzo and LJ is the man.

As always HOME team in caps and differing games are in BOLD and itallics. (The spreads used were from CBS Sportsline.)


NYG -9.5 Minnesota Vikings
I'm not afraid to admit that I have jumped on the G-Man bandwaggon... But I feel that Brad Johnson is going to do enough good things (Like not turning the ball over or molesting any women...) to keep the Vikes in it. I'll take the points. -JG

When the Redskins got rid of Fred Smoot part of me was sad. After this season that move looks like the release of the year. Smoot was the ringleader of the Love Cruise, and gets burned every week. Look for a big game from my boy Plexi as the Giants roll. -BL

BEARS -13.5 San Francisco 49ers
This pick actually pained me. See, I think I have gone with the Bears ALL season and they have been bear-y bear-y good to me. But they are giving 2 TDs here and by my calculations, the last time Kyle Orton lit anyone up was the Illinois Alumni swiss cheese D. 49ers. -JG

Kyle Orton was featured in SI this week, poor Rex. While the Bears are leading the NFC North, if Grossman was healthy I think this team woulda been a real NFC Super Bowl contender. Orton just can't get the ball to Mushin. I like the Bears. -BL

DETROIT -4.5 Arizona Cardinals
So let me get this right, the starting QBs for this game are Joey Harrington and Kurt Warner? Is it too late to refund the people of Detroit? Lions. -JG

Steve Mariucci vs. Dennis Green. The 49ers vs the Vikings. Jerry Rice vs. Chris Carter. Wait, I am getting something over my ear piece. Oh my bad. So its the Lions and the Cards huh. Joey Harrington vs. Kurt Warner. Um ok. Flip a coin and its the Lions. -BL

MIA +3.5 New England Patriots
All the talk is about the Patriots inconsistent play... Well, they win one and then lose one, win one and then lose win. That sounds pretty consistent to me. I don't see the Pats giving away ground to a division rival. -JG

After last week's Pats game against the Colts this game takes on some new questions. See the Colts ran all over the Pats, and the Fish have the two headed monster of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. Could I actually be convinced to pick against the Pats? Nope, look for a big bounce back here. -BL

JAX -7.5 Baltimore Ravens
I can't stand either of these teams. When I finally pick them - they do nothing to help me. I'll take the under and I guess Jacksonville. Too bad this game isn't on TV cause we'd get to hear how the Ravens screwed up by not drafting Leftwich only about 65 times. Jaguars. -JG

The Ravens stink, even if John Feinstein has a new book out about them. Jamal Lewis is the biggest stiff on the field and the defense is aging before our eyes. The Jags on the other hand are the new look Ravens with a stiff D that keeps its suspect Offense in games. I got the Jags. -BL

BILLS -2.5 Kansas City Chiefs
Grand-Ma-Ma. Grand-Ma-Ma. Grand-Ma-Ma. Grand-Ma-Ma. Grand-Ma-Ma. Grand-Ma-Ma. Let's go Chiefs! -JG

This is the moment Larry Johnson and his 3 fans have been waiting for. He won't let them down. i got the Chiefs. -BL

INDY -17.5 Houston Texans
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! Will Indy lay an egg after, arguably, their biggest victory EVER! I doubt it. In fact, I expect fireworks. -JG

What a monster schedule for Indy huh? First the Pats game coming off a Bye week, and now a tough home game against the terminally ill Texans. I got Indy. -BL

OAKTOWN +3.5 Denver Broncos
If Denvers a serious contender, they walk into Oakland and torch the Raiders. If Jake Plummer is a furreal QB, he walks into Oakland and wins the game. I don't know if Denver is legit, yet, but I have some concerns about Oakland and the fact that their leading receiver is Lamont Jordan. Look for some great Champ Bailey - Randy Moss action and Denver covering. -JG

Denver has vastly improved this year compared to previous post-Elway teams. Mike Shanahan hates Al Davis. Those two points equal a Denver win. -BL

CAR -9.5 New York Jets
All the talk in NY is how the J!E!T!S! defense had a pow-wow. How they cleared the air. How they took strides and asked the Def Coordinator to get back to being aggressive. Well, I truly think that will pump up this D. Speaking of pumped up, can someone please send us video footage of the Carolina Cheerleader fiasco. We know it's out there. Please send it to us. JETS! -JG

Now entering the game for the Jets Brooks Bollinger. Someone get Ken O'Brien on the phone ASAP. I got Carolina. -BL

SEA -6.5 St. Louis Rams
What has two thumbs and can't wait for Torry Holt to be back on the field? THIS GUY. Anyway, look for the Seahawks to keep it rolling. -JG

Ah the storied rivalries of the NFC West. Two of the uglier uniforms go at it, and the winner is the team with Shaun Alexander. The Rams D is paper thin, but Bulger and Holt will be back. I like Seattle to win, but that spread is too large for the Rams. I got St. Louis. -BL

TB +1.5 Washington Redskins
This confuses me... Tampa gets FUBARed in San Fran two weeks ago. Gets plastered last week and the Skins are only a 1.5 point favorite? How'd this happen again? You got shirts, I got Skins. -JG

Skins coming off easily the biggest win of the year against the Eagles need to win this game if they have any hopes of making the playoffs. Tampa Bay's QB is Chris Simms. Let's hope that is enough for a Skins win. -BL

ATL -9.5 Green Bay Packers
Remember that one cold January night a few years ago when a young Mike Vick went into Lambeau and stole the glory and mystique from the stadium? Well, that really has nothing to do with anything, but one could argue that that was the end of the Favre-ian era. Granted the next year they went on the crazy run, only to lose to the Eagles on that 4th and 24... But the fact that Favre lost a playoff, freezing temp game at home is something that shouldn't be looked over. Anywho, long story short... I'll take the Pack with the points. -JG

Brett Favre might have been 7-0 if he was the Eagles QB, but that aint happenin. Mike Vick might have been 0-7 if he was the Texans QB. Neither will happen so let's just go with the Falcons here. -BL

PITTS -8.5 Cleveland Browns
This week marked the giddy-est fantasy football moment for me of the season. I got Duce Staley. I got Duce Staley. (to be said like a teasing, obnoxious little boy.) I got Duce Staley. Pitts! -JG

This one is not even fair. This game could only be won by the Browns in the world of Madden. I got the Steelers. -BL

PHILLY -2.5 Dallas Cowboys
You know what, screw Philly. I think they are done. And I think it's about time the rest of the NFC East got some love. In the early 90s when every team in the NFC East won a Super Bowl, EXCEPT for the Eagles, I was genuinely happy. Mmmm, clear the menu, some Tuna on Monday Night. Cowboys. -JG

Last time the Boys were on MNF they gave up 2 TD in the last 5 mins of the 4th qtr. You think Parcells won't be reminding them of that every practice? The Eagles are in free fall. Look for Mcnabb to opt for surgery on his "sports hernia" before week 12. I got the Cowboys. -BL


Season Standings:
JG 72-58
BL 60-70

-Taylor Bunts


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