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Friday, August 19, 2005

Moss is a Joker, a Smoker, a Midnight Toker

Color me bored on the recent story that Randy Moss admitted in a Real Sports with Bryant Gumble interview that he has on occasion smoked pot. Stop the presses people Randy Moss smokes pot; what next Lindsay Lohan admits to admiration for Columbian marching powder? Anyone who is feigning anger at this story obviously doesn't follow the career of Randy Moss, a man who once bumped a highway official with his bumper while a smoldering roach burned in his ashtray.

Ricky Williams smokes pot, Randy Moss smokes pot, thank god that the rest of the NFL is full of choirboys who only take flintstones vitamins and read the bible at night to fall asleep. Only in the NFL could a player go into halftime with a high ankle sprain, and then one cortizone shot later run back out to the field as if his lack of feeling in his left foot is just a normal life process.

So yes Randy smokes pot, so do millions of Americans; it's why The Family Guy is back on the air people. Let's all just take a step back and realize that if Randy needs a little puff to get through Norv Turner's meetings then so what?

Back off, let him be, but if he comes in to practice wearing birkenstocks, listening to Phish, and eating Funyuns then let's all panic. Until then don't mind me as i feh all over this story.

Feh, Feh, and Feh.

- BL


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