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Monday, July 25, 2005

Is this a Sports Blog?

Well we can answer that with an affirmative YES, Taylorbunts was started as a sports listening post, and we return to that with today's post as we examine just what is inside of Derek Lowe's iPod.

It is the seminal question for us in the Sports World, just what could a man such as DLowe listen to?

Well the answer is a resounding snooze-athon as Lowe only has George Strait, Toby Keith, and Alan Jackson listed as his hits. Before I read this I assumed those guys were all the same people.

No Metallica, no Guns n Roses, No AC/DC, nothing above the level of Hee-Haw. This just goes to reinforce the theory that baseball is now played by latin america and people from the square states.

- BL


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